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Social Institute news 2019. The National Social Security Institute introduces the new Government Agency 2019 mortgage regulation, the result of presidential resolution number 101 of August 2018. The rules governing the granting of mortgage loans addressed to members of the unitary management of credit and social benefits are better known as ex Government Agency mortgages. Rate reviews, amortization schedule and uses, but let’s get into details right away.

Government Agency 2019 mortgage rate update: the new variable interest rate

Government Agency 2019 mortgage rate update: the new variable interest rate

The Government Agency 2019 mortgage regulation intervenes on interest rates, a significant implication for the borrower. What changes? The fixed rates, which are defined with respect to the LTV (Loan to Value) method, remain unchanged. We report the official Social Institute table which provides a complete overview of the fixed rate.

The variable interest rate is instead correlated to a renewed calculation system. The loan is linked to the 3-month Euribor, calculated over 365 days, increased by 200 basis points. The surveys refer to March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31.

Another correction made by the Government Agency 2019 mortgage regulation concerns the provision of the repayment. A French amortization plan is put in place, which determines a path made up of constant and deferred installments. In spite of what happened with the previous regulation, the due dates are quarterly.

With regard to the methods that characterize the request for funding, the use of the web for sending remains valid, although we record changes as regards the period involved: from 15 January to 10 October.

News on the Government Agency first home loan 2019: the purposes

News on the Government Agency first home loan 2019: the purposes

Finally, there are the uses contemplated by the Government Agency 2019 mortgage regulation. In what situations can funding be requested? A further opportunity is added to those listed in the previous regulation.

The latter eventuality foresees sums up to a maximum threshold of 100 thousand USD and considers participation (in our country or abroad) in university courses, post-graduate courses and Masters, in music conservatories and academies of fine arts, vocational training, provided they provide legally recognized qualifications. Enrollment and attendance at these courses may involve the member or a family member.

The other purposes are:

  • purchase or construction of the house;
  • maintenance, adaptation, expansion, transformation or renovation works relating to the first house;
  • purchase or construction of garage or parking space.

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The right credit card for start-ups. http://polyproduct.net//the-right-credit-card-for-start-ups/ http://polyproduct.net//the-right-credit-card-for-start-ups/#respond Sat, 25 Apr 2020 01:41:55 +0000 http://www.polyproduct.net/the-right-credit-card-for-start-ups/

In Germany, the credit card is an important means of payment. This applies not only in private life, a credit card also offers some advantages for business expenses – especially for start-ups. However, there are a few things to consider.

Credit card: advantages for start-ups 

Credit card: advantages for start-ups 

Anyone founding a new company has to struggle with low income in the first few months. The business first has to establish itself, which can take a little time. Nevertheless, you should apply for a credit card, even if the financial institutions have strict requirements.

The credit card is a safe means of payment and contributes to transparency. Larger amounts of money can be paid quickly and easily by credit card, which is a great advantage, especially abroad. This saves you the exchange in foreign currencies and you are protected against theft. In business practice, as a new company founder , you can pre-finance important purchases without entrusting the entire amount in cash to an employee. For this, you apply for an additional card for your employees, which simplifies the payment processes. You benefit from an interest-free loan until sales are settled. All sales are clearly visible and can be viewed online and make tax returns child’s play. This simplifies your bookkeeping, which ultimately saves costs and time.

Optional insurance packages are advantageous on business trips: Depending on the provider, international health insurance , luggage insurance, travel accident insurance or traffic legal protection insurance may be included. Here you have to weigh up which insurance policies are really necessary.

Prepaid credit card: an option for start-ups?

Prepaid credit card: an option for start-ups?

Classic credit cards have a fixed credit line. Overdrafts are also possible if the situation so requires. The advantage of this is that you maintain your flexibility, but this is a risk for the bank. If the account holder cannot pay his bills and may report personal bankruptcy, he remains at a large part of the costs.

Most of the time, banks expect regular payments, otherwise they refuse to issue a credit card. Often, start-ups cannot provide this proof because they have only just started their business. If the Credit bureau information is negative, the application is even more complicated.

The best alternative is a prepaid credit card for start-ups. You can think of this as a prepaid card for your smartphone: you need to top up your credit before you make a call. If you want to pay an invoice, you must first have the necessary capital. This forces the cardholder to have solid financial planning and is risk-free for the financial institution, which is why you can get a prepaid credit card without any problems.

Checklist: Services and conditions

Checklist: Services and conditions

It makes a big difference which provider you choose. As a business founder, pay attention to the following general conditions when choosing your credit card:

  • individual credit line
  • Access to sales statistics
  • flexible repayment
  • Telephone customer service (important for insurance companies)
  • Additional cards for employees
  • easy expense report

Whether you need a function depends on the type of operation.

Credit card cost structure

Credit card cost structure

Cards are also available for private customers without an annual fee, which is different for business credit cards. In addition, costs for cash withdrawals and fees for international use must be taken into account. Based on these three points alone, a credit card comparison is worthwhile for start-ups!

Tip: The effective annual interest rate is relatively high for some providers. If you want to withdraw money in other EU countries, you have to pay extra fees. In addition, there is no credit interest and transfers are not free of charge. Keep these points in mind when choosing a credit card.

In addition, the integrated additional services are another cost driver. In general, the annual fee is not that bad, because most institutions allow their customers to repay interest-free within a period of around 60 days. This increases your liquidity for certain periods, which gives you financial freedom in the stressful initial phase. A complete overview is an additional plus point: It is important to always keep an eye on the expenses. One item may be too high and therefore needs to be optimized.

Some financial institutions offer a package of two credit cards. This allows you to separate your private expenses from business, as a card is only reserved for business transactions.

Credit card: special features

Credit card: special features

A business founder has to pay attention to money, which is why bonus programs or other discounts have to be considered. Some banks waive a basic fee in the first year and offer financial incentives in the form of vouchers. The cardholder has access to exclusive events or locations that are suitable for a business meeting. You can also use the affordable Priority Pass and instruct the bank to book the flight. Thanks to the practical online travel service, none of your employees have to worry about it.

Insurance coverage can even include flight delays. If a flight is canceled, the price will be refunded or you can switch to another connection.


Credit card services vary enormously. As a business founder, you should think carefully about whether an additional function is necessary. The initial phase is about effectively increasing sales and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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The best rates stimulate requests for renegotiation of mortgage loans http://polyproduct.net//the-best-rates-stimulate-requests-for-renegotiation-of-mortgage-loans/ http://polyproduct.net//the-best-rates-stimulate-requests-for-renegotiation-of-mortgage-loans/#respond Tue, 07 Apr 2020 02:08:47 +0000 http://www.polyproduct.net/the-best-rates-stimulate-requests-for-renegotiation-of-mortgage-loans/

Back to the figures of the Lite Lenders about yet another growth in the number of French who renegotiate their home loan.

The owners do not hesitate to contact their bank to renegotiate the conditions of their mortgage. But before showing the evolutions, a little clarification on what renegotiation is necessary. Inescapable for several years with the fall in rates, this operation is the fruit of the will of people who already have a home loan in the process of repayment and who wish to canvass their lending establishment. Very often, the Holy Grail sought is the obtaining of a better rate of credit for example.


A quarter of real estate outstandings come from renegotiations 

A quarter of real estate outstandings come from renegotiations 

At their highest point between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the mortgage renegotiation curve then faltered to return to a moderate and stable pace. But since the summer of 2019, it has once again started to climb to reach a peak in recent months. Indeed, according to the monthly study by the Lite Lenders on outstanding mortgage loans, renegotiation requests represented 26% of loans granted by banking establishments in October, ie 6.2 billion dollars. This means that more than a quarter of the housing loans released over this period come from loans whose conditions have been adjusted to better meet the expectations of the owners.


Renegotiate your loan to have a better rate close to records

Renegotiate your loan to have a better rate close to records

It must be said that record rates give birth to ideas in the minds of borrowers. The Crédit Logement CSA Observatory has published its figures and the trend at historic rates is still not waning. In November, the average rate hit a new low with 1.12% over all repayment terms. All indicators are also falling to unprecedented levels, with averages of 0.87% over 15 years, 1.04% over 20% and 1.30% over 25 years.

Each of the borrowers dreams of tasting it, in particular to lower the burden of interest that pays the banks. Having a better rate is therefore an opportunity to pay less for your home loan. But be careful to ensure that the renegotiation operation is a winner. Indeed, a profitability calculation is essential to measure whether the gain with the fall in the nominal rate is sufficient to compensate for the billing of renegotiation costs.


What if the bank refuses to renegotiate the terms of a home loan?

mortgage loan

A mortgage is a contract between two parties, a home and a banking organization, an advisor is likely to block the road to a request for renegotiation. Why? Already because the bank may not want to allocate the necessary time or it does not want to reduce its margin earned on the loan. But a refusal is not inevitable since the alternative to renegotiation is the repurchase of mortgage. The operation very simply consists in having your loan bought back by another banking establishment. The original lender cannot object. In the new contract, the new lender may agree to put in place more attractive terms such as applying a better credit rate or reducing the cost of loan insurance.

As in the case of a renegotiation, the repurchase of a mortgage can incur costs for the owner (early repayment indemnities, handling fees, etc.) to make the process materialize. If the will of the household is to lower the cost of credit, and not to decrease the weight of monthly payments in the budget, then an analysis of the profitability of the repurchase of credit is essential.

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Why is Good Credit Important? http://polyproduct.net//why-is-good-credit-important/ http://polyproduct.net//why-is-good-credit-important/#respond Thu, 02 Apr 2020 01:48:19 +0000 http://www.polyproduct.net/why-is-good-credit-important/

Society is increasingly dependent on the use of credit for purchases and decisions.

5 reasons good credit is important

5 reasons good credit is important

Good credit these days is used more than getting a credit card or credit. More and more businesses are making the case that you need to have good credit before they expand your products or services.

It affects where you live and how much you pay

credit card credit score credit loan

Before you can buy a home, mortgage lenders want to know that you will not default on a mortgage.

If you do not have good credit, the lender will consider it risky to give you a mortgage loan. If you are approved for a mortgage, your loan affects your interest rate, which directly affects your monthly mortgage payment. Bad credit could mean a higher mortgage fee. Worse than that, your mortgage application could be rejected for bad credit.

Do not think this because you are not looking to buy a home right away as your credit is not important. Landowners also use their credit to decide whether to rent them to you. The owners consider your lease as a loan. You have been loaned a place to live and the landlord wants you to know that you will repay this loan. If you do not have good credit, you may be denied housing.

It affects what you drive and pay for the car

Unless you have the cash to buy a car, you will need to get a loan. Your credit not only affects your eligibility for the loan, but also the amount and interest rate of the loan.

In general, loan applicants with good credit qualify for higher loan amounts with lower interest rates.

Bad credit limits your options. Fewer lenders will work with you if you have poor credit, and those who do will charge a much higher interest rate on your car loan. A higher interest rate means a higher note in a car that pays every month.

It can affect your job search

Many employers conduct credit checks as part of the hiring process. (Keep in mind that employers check credit reports, not credit scores.) If you have not demonstrated financial responsibility, a potential employer may be hesitant to hire you. For example, an employer may believe that your debt level is too high for the salary offered.

Some employers also check credit scores before giving a promotion or raise, especially for financial or executive positions.

It affects your ability to start a business

Many people dream of starting their own businesses. Most startup businesses require a significant amount of cash that you may not have available. In that case, you need to get a small loan for the business. Among other things, you need to have good credit to qualify for a business loan.

This affects other monthly bills

This affects other monthly bills

It may be something shocking to learn that your credit is needed to set up utilities. Your electricity company claims you are borrowing one month of electricity. So, before turning on the electricity, the company will check that you have good credit. This applies to most utilities, including cable, telephone, water, and even mobile.

Because your credit is defined by how you pay (or pay) your bills in the past, many businesses – landlords, mortgage lenders, service providers, and even employers – use their credit to predict future financial responsibility. Whenever you need to borrow money, or even services, your credit is questioned. This is why maintaining good credit is so important.

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Start a business – Take out a loan! http://polyproduct.net//start-a-business-take-out-a-loan/ http://polyproduct.net//start-a-business-take-out-a-loan/#respond Mon, 23 Mar 2020 06:40:49 +0000 http://www.polyproduct.net/start-a-business-take-out-a-loan/ You finally want to get out of unemployment? Tired of working in the same company all your life without any opportunities for advancement? Or do you have an innovative, new business idea? – Then you should take the step into self-employment and start your own company.

But before you can really get started, you have to plan and prepare thoroughly and carefully. However, this often turns out to be an extremely difficult, lengthy, bureaucratic undertaking. The following tips and advice are intended to make it easier for you to start your own business and to keep you from becoming disoriented amidst guidelines and bureaucratic necessities.

To establish an existence you need a well-structured business plan. This includes all planning components for the foundation of a company. This includes marketing, sales, production, personnel, procurement and investment planning, as well as the precise formulation of a concept. Two of the most essential points here are financial planning and concept and therefore require special attention.

The business concept

The business concept

The concept is the core of every company. Everything depends on this. It is therefore particularly important that this has been worked out down to the last detail. The focus should be on these questions: What is my concept? (A precise formulation of the idea) How does my business “work” in detail? How exactly do I want to achieve success? With this in mind, you should define and formulate your concept precisely. Because: you build your entire company on the basis of this idea.

The financing plan (or investment plan)

The financing plan (or investment plan)

With the financing plan, an accurate calculation of all costs is essential. Since starting a business always involves a financial burden and a certain risk, you need financial support at the beginning. The state financially supports the self-employed, but this is usually not enough to fully cover the costs of setting up a business. For this reason, you usually have to take out an additional loan. Please note that prospective self-employed people or unemployed people at banks are usually considered to be “poorly creditworthy”, ie not particularly trustworthy. Therefore, you usually have very little chance of getting a loan from conventional banks. In any case, you should therefore set aside and save money a long time before the company is actually founded. If you still need a loan and none of them are granted through the bank, there are two other options: The first and more solid is the so-called private to private loan brokerage. Here loans from private individuals to private individuals are brokered via a platform on the Internet. The advantage of this is that you do not have to provide proof of creditworthiness, such as Credit Bureau information, since it is not a bank that provides the money, but private individuals.

In the United States, this principle of brokering credit has already become established as a result of the economic crisis. In Germany, too, this loan option has become increasingly popular. One of the German providers of such personal loans is the online platform auxmoney.com. The other loan option is a direct personal loan from people you know or your family. However, this option is not particularly recommended for one reason: money spoils friendship, every child knows that. Because: nobody likes to lend or lend money, especially when it comes to larger sums. If in any case you cannot pay for your debts, you may lose someone close to you. Always beware of the offers of so-called “loan sharks”, as these often lure with only seemingly good credit options, which usually turn out to be debt traps if interest rates are too high.

These were just the most important points about starting a business, but as a self-employed person you have to do a lot more things. In order to help you not to lose track of the wild jungle of starting a business, here is a checklist with all the points to be considered:


  • Business Plan
  • foundation concept
  • market analysis
  • Investment plan / financial plan
  • Profitability forecast (how much can I earn from my company?)
  • Advice (e.g. from a financial planner)
  • Location
  • Maintain and build relationships with customers
  • Organize suppliers
  • “Landing” orders

Bureaucratic organization

  • Registration at the city’s trade office
  • Entry in the handicraft role (of course, only if it is a craft business)
  • Approval by the building law
  • Approval from the Labor Inspectorate
  • Concessions (official permits to operate a business requiring a license)
  • Entry in the commercial register
  • Tax number of the tax office with sales tax identification number


  • business insurance
  • Personal insurance such as health, pension, accident and disability insurance
  • Legal protection


  • Appearance and logo
  • advertising concept

So you see that the path to independence is a long and rocky road. But this path is worthwhile. With self-employment you will have a freedom you never imagined and at the same time a high level of responsibility. This is a new challenge in life that has to be overcome on the road to success!

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Credits for pensioners and retirees http://polyproduct.net//credits-for-pensioners-and-retirees/ http://polyproduct.net//credits-for-pensioners-and-retirees/#respond Wed, 04 Mar 2020 03:06:19 +0000 http://www.polyproduct.net/credits-for-pensioners-and-retirees/

Good Credit offers loans to individuals working in the education sector, with the government sector, the public health sector, Employees and also to IMSS retirees and pensioners. For the education sector, Good Credit offers loans to employees. In Good Credit, these employees can get great discounts and benefits in terms of interest, in addition to being able to access the loan instantly.

The steps are very simple


You just have to ask for the credit and in a maximum of 48 hours, you will know if it was approved or not. You can carry out the procedure by phone, you can also visit one of the branches of Good Credit in Mexico or complete the digital contact form.

Some of the requirements for those workers in the education sector are that applicants must be between 18 and 70 years old and have a working age of at least one year. The person must also work in a public educational institution that has an agreement with Good Credit and must receive the salary on a payroll account or have a bank card.

In the case of loans for government employees, the loans are quite similar and the applicant must be a person who works in a government agency that has an agreement with Good Credit. The same applies to loans offered to people in the public health sector, that is, they must have agreements with Good Credit.

As for the credits for pensioners and retirees

As for the credits for pensioners and retirees

these range from $ 2,000.00 dollars to $ 200,000.00 dollars, with a term of 12 to 48 months. You can pay the installments every 15 days or every month at a fixed interest rate. The discount is made via payroll and the means and channels of disposal can be through electronic funds transfer or payment order referenced at the bank window.

There are some requirements that you must meet to be able to access this service such as being 71 years old, being retired or retired from the IMSS of any company (retired through IMSS). You must also receive salary on your payroll account or have a bank card and you must present some documents such as the current official identification (passport, IFE credential, professional ID or SMN card). You must also present a proof of current address such as a property, electricity, telephone, gas, cable, etc. To finish, you must also present proof of income that indicates the latest payroll receipts and a statement.

In the case of loans available to PEMEX employees, some of the conditions are that the applicant must be between 18 and 70 years old and must have a seniority in the company of at least one year. The loan is available to individuals who work in PEMEX, who receive a salary in a payroll account and have a bank card. These conditions are similar in other loans offered by Good Credit.


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